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Smart Home System

Energy Efficient Devices

You go through the easy process of installing solar through Titan Solar Power AZ. All is well, but you might still be wasting precious energy--and money. There are other ways in which Titan Solar Power AZ can improve your home efficiency, including:

HVAC Systems

Keep your home at a comfortable temperature the entire year by having professional licensed partners conduct an optimization survey of your HVAC system, with recommendations for improvements.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Nearly 50% of the average home's energy bill is spent on heating, cooling, and ventilation. Protect your home from mold, dust, and backdrafts while improving air quality, reducing exposure to allergens, and keeping your energy inside. 

Compressor Savers

Home compressors push the refrigerant through your AC system. We can help you select the right product to help extend the life of your compressor, reduce damaging in-rush currents, and save on repairs. 

Smart Home Devices

We can install an energy star-certified smart thermostat such as a Google Nest by replacing your old thermostat. By programming an energy-efficient schedule via the app, you can easily save more.

Synthetic Refrigeration Catalysts

Synthetic catalysts can be added to either your AC unit or your fridge. This revolutionary technology helps make the air going through your units cooler, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Professional Licensed Partners

Although there are plenty of products and services in the energy-saving market, Titan Solar Power AZ has preferred and recommended partners.   These products come with warranties and provide at least a 15% reduction in energy usage, with some homes seeing as high as a 30% reduction in energy usage. 

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